Rallies…Dances…Spirit Days…Graduations.  Every special event at your school is a chance for your student leaders to enrich the lives of the student body and the community.  For us at Fireside, it’s a chance to work with you and your leaders to develop our planning skills together.  We’re here to make sure that you not only have the right DJ with the right music and equipment for your events, but also a partner in planning who will help bring everything together in exactly the way you and the kids have hoped.

fireside-neon-dance-crowdNeon Dancesuv-black-light-rally-shirts-sticks

Let us brighten up your dance floor with our professional UV blacklighting package.  Imagine all of the fun the student body will have coordinating their attire to shine their brightest.  Yellow, green, orange, pink, and white pieces of clothing will all double as elements of decor that collectively add to this very popular theme.  Be sure to consider glow-necklaces/bracelets/glasses, and UV henna tattoos as creative ways to enhance the experience!





School rallies are the perfect way to bring your students, faculty, and staff together.  There is not much better ways to lift school spirit and overall excitement for upcoming events on campus.  Add the Fireside Rally Package to the equation and you can be sure that everyone in your gymnasium/auditorium hears your MC’s loud and clear.  This package includes wireless microphones, a professional sound system that covers your entire space, and a DJ who will keep your students engaged before, during, and after the program.